How Gitlab can solve 5 key SMB frustrations

A BFSI company, housing a portfolio of 60+ applications with 30 outsourced to external vendors, is facing significant challenges in its software development and maintenance processes.


Start-ups and small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face plenty of challenges, but adopting a DevOps platform can ease several of those hurdles. DevOps platforms can assist the company in addressing the immediate issue and spreading the benefits across the entire company, enabling it to grow in competitive markets. 

Stressed with common problems like worker overload, finding time for collaboration, and meeting customer and market needs, smaller businesses are under a lot of pressure. With SMBs and small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) facing such significant challenges, it only makes sense to streamline software development, speed up deployments, automate repetitive tasks and foster collaboration. Taking all those steps can greatly improve an SMB’s odds of success.  

Here’s how a DevOps platform can help take on some major SMB frustrations: 

Ease worker fatigue and improve work/life balance 

SMBs, by definition, have fewer employees than their larger, more-established competitors. That means there are fewer people to take on all the tasks that need to be done.  With everyone in an SMB having to wear so many hats and take on so many different jobs, it can be exhausting. The result is not just a hard hit to productivity, but also a hard hit to employees’ work-life balance, which isn’t good for the business. 

A DevOps platform offers an environment that fosters communication, collaboration and automation, which help ease the burdens on the IT staff. This will help get work done more efficiently and faster, leaving employees with more time for other projects. 

Satisfy Customers 

How do you attract new customers if you’re not an established brand? To accomplish this, you must satisfy and even delight your existing customers in order to pull in more. Satisfied consumers stick around, buy more, and give free word-of-mouth marketing. 

A DevOps platform helps SMBs create customer satisfaction by automating the customer feedback process and accelerating software development and deployment.

Increase Communication & Collaboration

A multitude of projects are often taken on by workers in start-ups and small businesses. Whether they’re within a department or cross-functional, meetings are often low priority or hard to schedule.It’s understandable to have a “heads-down” attitude, but it keeps different demographics and perspectives from coming together to create more well-rounded products.  

A DevOps platform promotes collaboration by eliminating barriers not just between IT workers but within an entire company. And that leads to more innovative features and products, improves productivity, and keeps employees happier and more engaged. Collaborative workers also are continuously learning from each other. 

Adapt to the market with speed & agility 

Markets can be unpredictable. Supply chain problems affect production. SMBs need to be able to change on a dime, to meet or get ahead of new demands and even new competitors. 

A DevOps platform can keep a business of any size agile by enabling a tech team to scale development and deployment to quickly and efficiently turning ideas into new features or new products. 

Multiply a small business’ tech muscle 

Small organizations obviously have smaller IT departments because they by definition have fewer employees.  Designing, creating, and deploying new software can be challenging as a result, not to mention thinking of innovative and improved ways to interact and communicate with customers and the supply chain. It is feasible to do more with less when project planning is a collaborative, cross-functional endeavor. Additionally, using fewer DevOps technologies, or even having everyone use the same tool, might have a significant impact. 

A DevOps platform, with automated options for everything from testing to monitoring and doing GitOps with GitLab, can lessen the hands-on workload, giving IT people more time for other, more creative, projects. 

The right partner will help you realize the full potential of GitLab and DevOps Enabler & Co. is a Certified Professional Services Partner of Gitlab to meet all your requirements right from Licensing to consulting, implementation, and Maintenance. 

Reach out to us at [email protected] to know more about services and discounts for GitLab.  

GitLab has a unique value for DevOps teams who need simplicity, visibility, and control:

  • A single, common user experience for the entire software factory
  • A common security and access model
  • Single source of truth for reporting and managing the development work
  • Simplified compliance and auditing
  • A single conversation where everyone — from contracting and management   to end-users and developers — participates and contributes.
  • A unified governance and compliance model

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